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If you are having a Key Largo wedding or have an event space for a special function, you may need catering to go along with it. Catering Key Largo is something we are experienced at and know how to do right. We take pride in catering Key Largo wedding venues and corporate events. We help you take an event space and turn it into a tasty and memorable affair to remember.

Our catering gets 5-star reviews, and for good reason. We start by finding out what your needs and desires are. We make every effort to ensure that what your heart desires is what will be served at your Key Largo wedding, corporate events, birthday parties, anniversary parties, and more. Every Key Largo wedding is going to be remembered most by the wedding venue and the catering. Key Largo is a place that will help create the magic from the start, by offering gorgeous backdrops and beautiful weather. When you add in catering that will make your life easy, provide awesome presentation, and provide people with amazing food they will remember, you have a winning combination. Whether catering Key Largo for weddings, bridal showers, company picnics, Christmas parties, birthday parties, BBQ’s, or other celebrations, we know what it takes to help you turn your event space into something people will enjoy.


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Key Largo, Fl

Catering Key Largo is something we take pride in offering. Whether you want fresh seafood entrees, a la carte options, grilling or BBQ, or cuisine that will be unique, our chefs are ready to help you every step of the way. Our menu is palate pleasing and our serving options are ready to meet your needs. Miami Grill Catering offers a wide variety of options when catering Key Largo, including brunch, BBQ, buffet style serving, fancy plated dinner style service, and even amazing hors d’oeuvres and desserts. When catering Key Largo we are also able to meet any special requests, last-minute requests, and will do our best to work within limited budgets. We are happy to respond promptly, provide guidance, and help bring your wedding venue and event space alive with the one thing that helps to bond groups of people – great tasting food! We have a stellar reputation and come highly recommended, because we provide wonderful service and great quality food each and every time we are entrusted with catering Key Largo.

At Miami Grill Catering, we use only the freshest ingredients, and treat each and every one of our Key Largo wedding parties like family. We make it our mission to help make your special day, as well as corporate events and other parties, a day to remember. Our catering starts with the idea that food is love!

Key Largo, Florida