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Florida Farm House Catering Menu

Florida Farmhouse cuisine is as local as the farmers that call the state of Florida home. Our Florida Farmhouse Menu is a collection of our favorite dishes from the yeild found in the Sunshine Stae. Our Florida Farmhouse Catering menu will take you on a tour through Florida and from Homestead to Tallahasee. This delicious food will make you feel at home it as you hear the farm animals in the background. The Roosters will call out cockadoodledoo for this menu and your guests will achieve a true sense of Florida Sunshine bliss.

$25 per person plus staff & 18% service fee- 70 Guest Minimum

140 Guest+ - $23 per person + staff & 15% service charge

280 Guest+ - $21 per person + staff & 12% service charge

420 Guest+ - $19 per person + staff & 9% service charge

Country Style Ribs

  • Enjoy the meatiest cut of Rib as part of our Florida Farmhouse menu. Seasoned with fresh herbs and spices and grilled onsite

Fried Chicken

  • Farmhouse Chicken, hand dipped in seasoned buttermilk, breaded then fried to a crunchy golden brown on site and served with buttermilk ranch and orange blossom honey mustard

Smoked Brisket

  • A true Farmhouse out classic. Whole brisket slow smoked for hours with oak wood. Served sliced and served with our signature Smokehouse Sauce.

Mashed Potatoes

  • Creamy, rustic and delicious russet mashed potatoes mashed and blended with sweet cream buttermilk served poodle skirt fluffy and topped with savory gravy.

Sauteed Snap Peas and Carrots

  • The perfect accompaniment to this Florida Farmhouse Menu. Sautéed carrots and Local Snap Peas in sweet cream butter and sprinkled with Kosher Salt.

Tomato Cucumber and Chickpea Salad

  • Roma tomatoes, Chickpeas, Cucumber, sweet onion, and Florida peppers.


  • Honey Lemon herb crusted corn bread baked fresh. Infused with lemon juice and peel.

Watermelon Juice

  • Florida’s watermelon season starts in April, peaks in May and June. Then, a second season emerges in September and October.Watermelon Juice pair perfectly with this Florida Farmhouse Menu.
  • Add some St. Germaine for a Watermelon Elderflower Drink.

Suggested Pairing Recommendations

CH DE LA ROULERIE ANJOU BLANC - Bright, fruity, zesty, with mellow honey tones and is becoming something of a signature style for the country. Known more famously for its regal status in France’s Loire Valley, the grape is often called Steen in South Africa.

SPIER PINOTAGE VINTAGE - South Africa- Grown on South Africa's Coastal Region this Pinotage emphasizes elegance in its dark ruby color with aromas of roasted almonds, fresh cherries, hints of tobacco and a soft creamy palate. A perfect selection to pair with meat, poultry and roasted vegetables.

FUNKY BUDDAH MAPLE BACON PORTER - Florida - Maple Bacon Coffee Porter emerges with unforgettable aromas of rich maple and freshly roasted coffee. On the palate, luscious layers of sticky syrup are followed by waves of creamy espresso and subtle smoky, saltiness of bacon.

(V) designates vegetarian menu option

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Florida Farm House Catering Menu

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