Greek Catering Menu

$29 per person plus staff & 18% service fee- 40 guest minimum

120 Guest+ - $26 per person + staff & 18% service charge

240 Guest+ - $24 per person + staff & 9% service charge

360 Guest+ - $22 per person + staff & 9% service charge

Shaved Lamb Gyro

  • The Hercules of Greek Meats. A dish fit for the Gods. Traditional Slow roasted lamb, shaved and served with Tzaziki.

Psari Plaki

  • Fresh, flakey Cod from the realm of Poseidon, baked with tomato, onion, potato and Greek Olives topped with crumbled Feta Cheese then garnished with Greek oregano.

Chicken Skewer

  • Chicken marinated in Greek Yogurt and Fresh Mint, skewerd with Red Pepper and Sweet Yellow Onion, grilled onsite.


  • A traditional and hearty Greek rice dish made with Spinach and Lemon then drizzled with Greek Olive Oil and topped with Feta Cheese crumbles.

Roasted Vegetable Platter

  • Traditional Greek style roasted vegetables including Charred Artichoke Halves, Carrots and Cauliflower. Beautifully arranged then drizzledd with house made balsamic reduction.

Greek Salad

  • A bounty from Demeter herself. (Greek God of Harvest). Made with romain, Feta cheese, Cucumber, Tomatoes and Kalamata Olives. Served with a side Greek Vinaigrette as they do on Mount Olympus.

Pita and Hummus

  • Butcher Block Hummus Board with traditional, red pepper, jalapeno hummus and warm pita bread.

(V) designates vegetarian menu option

Greek Catering Menu
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