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Hibachi Catering Menu

Our Miami Hibachi Catering Menu was designed to bring the Japanese live cooking art of the Hibachi culinary experience to your special event. A Miami Hibachi Catering party is the perfect occasion for those looking to celebrate milestone celebrations from engagements, family reunions, birthdays and anniversaries. We believe its popularity is do to not only the delicious and aromatic flavors from the teppanyaki grill but how we all gather around it together and enjoy a true Miami Hibachi Catering experience. There is a true and intimate sense of hospitality that we share with our guests that is at its peak when we Hibachi together.

Suggested Pairing Recommendations

CH DE LA ROULERIE ANJOU BLANC - Bright, fruity, zesty, with mellow honey tones and is becoming something of a signature style for the country. Known more famously for its regal status in France’s Loire Valley, the grape is often called Steen in South Africa.

SPIER PINOTAGE VINTAGE - South Africa- Grown on South Africa's Coastal Region this Pinotage emphasizes elegance in its dark ruby color with aromas of roasted almonds, fresh cherries, hints of tobacco and a soft creamy palate. A perfect selection to pair with meat, poultry and roasted vegetables.

LAGUNITAS IPA - California - American India Pale Ale (IPA). This is Lagunitas' unique version of an ancient style. It is made with 43 different hops and 65 various malts. This IPA is full of flavor with notes of spice, roasted malts, caramel, and citrus fruit.

$29 per person plus staff & 18% service fee- 60 Guest Minimum

120 Guest+ - $27 per person + staff & 15% service charge

240 Guest+ - $25 per person + staff & 12% service charge

360 Guest+ - $23 per person + staff & 9% service charge

NY Strip

  • Delicious, beautifully marbled New York Strip seared to perfection on our teppanyaki grill. Prepared and grilled on site for you and your guests. Served with our house made, Japanese inspired Sesame Steak Sauce and our house made version of Yum Yum Sauce

Hibachi Chicken

  • Tender, seared chicken simply seasoned with Kosher Salt and black pepper then teppanyaki seared on site. Served with our house made Orange Ginger Glaze and Yum Yum Sauce.

Hibachi Shrimp

  • Fresh from the sea and straight onto the hot iron, we season Jumbo 13/15 Shrimp with Japanese inspired seasonings. Seared with charred white sesame oil. Served with our house made Orange Ginger Sauce and Ginger sauce.

Live Fried Rice

  • Rice is what binds all foods from our Hibachi Catering Menu and is a true representation of the fundamentals of what makes Asian food loved all over the world. Ours is made with smoked ham, egg, fresh green onion, snap peas blended with pillowy long grain rice all seared on the hot iron with sesame oil and soy sauce. The perfect vessel for mixing your Hibachi meats and sauces.

Hibachi Vegetables

  • And now, to bring this Hibachi experience to an authentic finish, we present our Asian Stir Fry to the screaming hot teppanyaki. We hot sear snow peas, broccoli, baby corn, mushrooms and carrots with our Asian seasoning blend and sesame oil. Served hot, glistening and tender.

Iceberg Salad With Ginger Dresssing

  • Fresh and crips iceberg lettuce and thinly sliced carrot and radish. You and your guests will have the option of topping this refreshing selection with Our ginger dressing.

Wonton and Eggroll Basket

  • Our contribution to what we would want to enjoy in an Asian bread basket if their were such a thing. Crispy fried wontons and golden brown vegetable spring rolls served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce.

Matcha Limeade

  • Perfect for entertaining a Hibachi Party, matcha limeade is a clean caffeine pick-me-up. Served over ice with a sprig of mint.

*The adult version of this Japanese delight can be achieved by adding Japanese Whiskey.

(V) designates vegetarian menu option

Hibachi Catering Menu

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