Spanish Tapas Catering Menu

Gambas al Ajillo - $4

  • Succulent prawn shrimp sizzled in Spanish Olive Oil with fresh garlic and herbs served on a hand held platiquos monitos so the whole family can enjoy the paty, even las tia y los tios.

Croqueta de Verdura y Queso - $3

  • Perfected in Spain, the croquetta is the perfect cocktail hour tapa. Our Crquettas De Verdura are made from scratch in house with starting with fresh spinach and garlic slow cooked in our silky Bechamel and house cheese blend.

Piquillo Relleno - $4

  • Inspired by a 3,000 year old tradition of net fishing continued by Spanish fishermen today in the Straights of Gibraltar. We serve top notch Tuna in miniature mild piquillo red peppers.

Champiniones al Ajillo - $2

  • The Selva Pascuala Mural in Spain depicts cave paintings of mushrooms drawn by Post Neolithic inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula. We commemorate this ancient love of shrooms with our house made Champiniones Al Ajillo. Mushrooms sautéed with fresh chopped garlic and herbs.

Pulpo a la Gallega - $4

  • From Galicia in the Northwest of Spain comes Pulpo A La Gallega. A simple dish that is complex in flavor. We use the finest, tender Spanish Octopus sautéed with Spanish Olive Oil, paprika and Sea Salt.

Berenjena Enrollada - $4

  • Spain flexes its Mediterranean side with this Classic Spanish street food style appetizer. Thinly sliced eggplant stuffed with ricotta and Parmesan grilled then topped with our house made from tomatoes, Spanish Olive Oil, Spanish onion and cracked black pepper.

Milhojas De Salmon Crositi - $3

  • Smoked Spanish Paprika makes this dish delicious Spanish Smoked Salmon dish possible. Smoked Salmon and carmelized green apple slices on a toasted crostini.

Montadito de Serrano y Manchego - $3

  • Enjoy the classic Spainish Montadito (little sandwiches). Made with a fresh mini baguette filled with Spanish Serrano Ham and Manchego from La Mancha region of Spain, the home of Don Quixote.

Catalan Lamb Skewer - $4

  • Inspired by the chefs of Catalonia and influenced by the Moors. These Lamb Skewers are a true bite of Spanish food history. We stay true to the Spanish style and marinade fresh lamb in lemon juice, Spanish paprika, fresh garlic and cumin.

Shrimp and Chorizo Flatbread- $3

  • Inspired by our trip to Barcelona Spain where we discovered the beauty of the mosaic tile path ways of El Parque Gruell and an authentic boutique pizza shop that uses local ingredients in its creations.
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Spanish Tapas