Old Florida Menu

$25 per person plus staff & 18% service fee- 45 guest minimum

135 Guest+ - $22 per person + staff & 18% service charge

270 Guest+ - $20 per person + staff & 9% service charge

405 Guest+ - $18 per person + staff & 9% service charge

Shredded Pork

  • Bone in Pork Butt marinated for 48 hours using our signature Everglades rub then slow roasted to perfection, shredded and adorned with local palm tree leaves. Upgrade to Whole Pig ($29/pp)

Whole Fish

  • The South Florida Mangroves is where salt water fresh water meet and where snapper lives until its time to swim out to the big blue sea, then onto your plate. Fresh, large, seasonal snapper marinated for hours in a variety of citrus, garlic and spices then grilled whole on site

Smoked Turkey

  • Wild Turkeys, introduced by Europeans in the 1500’s, still roam the pinelands of the Northern Everglades. Using similar wood smoking methods as Florida natives, our smoked turkey is slow roasted, smokey and tender.

Orange Strawberry Hearts of Palm Salad

  • There are 12 palm trees native to Old Florida. They were used in the region in everyday life, especially in cooking. Today, oranges and strawberries are a major part of South Florida agriculture. Our salad includes hearts of palm, fresh strawberries and House Citrus dressing

Coconut Rice

  • Rice is served every meal in Southernmost Florida. Inspired by the coconut tree laden shores of the Florida Keys, this dish uses every part of the coconut including coconut milk and coconut shavings

Ripe Plantains

  • A surprisingly little known fact is that banana trees grow really well here in South Florida. We use only the freshest local plantains and turbonado sugar to create this local favorite.

Florida Crackers

  • The Sun Coast of is where you can find some of the biggest sand dollars on the sun beaches of the 1,000 island chain. Large sand dollar shaped crackers, crisp and crunchy are the perfect accompaniment to this all Florida inspired menu.

(V) designates vegetarian menu option

Whole Pig Whole Fish Catering Menu
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