Nob Hill Soccer Club

10200 Sunset Strip, Sunrise, FL 33322

Catering Nob Hill Soccer Club? No problem! We are happy to offer our full catering services for the event space and wedding venue at the Nob Hill Soccer Club. The event space is versatile and is a popular place to use as a wedding venue, for birthday parties and celebrations, and for corporate events. No matter what type of event you will be having, the Nob Hill Soccer Club has a great event space to help make it a great time.

Nob Hill Soccer Club event space is called the Nob Hill Clubhouse, and it is located inside the soccer park. It’s a beautiful building that offers an event space with a warm atmosphere. You will find the wedding venue and event space for corporate events has plenty of windows that let in natural light, beautiful wood floors, and convenient parking for all of your guests.

A Nob Hill Soccer Club wedding, party or corporate event can accommodate groups of up to 200 when opting for theatre-tyle seating, and 150 when opting for banquet-style seating. For a great wedding venue, they have large tables and a beautiful dance floor area, making it a great Fort Lauderdale area event space. Nob Hill Soccer Club is a popular event space for many types of events, including weddings, bridal showers, cocktail parties, birthday parties, anniversary parties, meetings, and corporate events.

Nob Hill Soccer Club

Catering Nob Hill Soccer Club is something we are happy to offer and ensure that we will provide you with 5-star service. We have a rock-solid reputation for helping people make amazing memories, by catering with only the freshest and finest ingredients. A Nob Hill Soccer Club wedding, party, or corporate events will be anything but boring when Miami Grill Catering does the wedding. We will turn your event space into a beautiful display of tasty foods that our guests will love to enjoy.

At Miami Grill Catering, we offer a diverse menu for you to pick out those options that meet your needs and for your event space or wedding venue. While catering Nob Hill Soccer Club we can make it as casual or elaborate as you’d like. From a casual full-service BBQ to brunch to a themed buffet, we are happy to provide you with the food and service style that you have in mind. Our goal is help you create lasting memories at your Nob Hill Soccer Club wedding, party, or corporate events.

We love to offer seasonal foods, delectable desserts, and the type of cuisine that you crave for your event. Whether you want a coulis, a blend, grilling, or fondue, we have you covered. From butterfly-cut meats to chafing dishes filled with aromatic dishes, we specialize in gastronomy, while you focus on planning the rest of what will make up your Nob Hill Soccer Club wedding, party, or will fill your event space. Whether you have meat lovers or vegetarians, want a buffet or a plated-style dinner, catering Nob Hill Soccer Club is something we excel at!

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