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360 Spaces

220 NW 27th St, Miami, FL 33127

The event space at 360 Spaces offers a lot of room for customizing. The event space is perfect for those looking for a unique place to hold corporate events, especially presentations, corporate parties, banquets, and more. It’s also a good place for those who like something different who may be looking for a wedding venue or somewhere to hold a rehearsal dinner, birthday party, or retirement party.

360 Spaces, located in Miami, offers a large event space area that can be arranged several different ways, so that it fits your purpose. The space is large, has high ceilings, and has a trendy warehouse-type of feel. You can arrange the event space to have theater seating, so you can give a presentation or for other types of corporate events, or you can opt for a table setting, which will create a nice wedding venue, or will work for other types of parties, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers, and the like.

A 360 Spaces wedding, party, or corporate event, affords you the ability to customize the event space to your liking, but it is also complete with great lighting and flooring, and a lot of character and charm. Whether you want to have a cocktail party, corporate party, or you want to use the large space as a wedding venue, it is sure to please a crowd.

Catering 360 Spaces is a service we are happy to offer, no matter what you will be doing with the event space. Whether you are using it as a wedding venue, for a personal party, or for corporate events, we can help turn the event space into a beautiful and tasty event that your guests will enjoy. We are known for creating awesome culinary displays that will dazzle the crowd before they even take the first bite.

At Miami Grill Catering, we have a varied menu with a lot of options for catering 360Spaces. We have a 5-star reputation for providing top-notch service and high quality food. We are also affordable and reliable, making your job of putting on the event a breeze. We promise to provide wonderful service and the best food around. We believe that food is love, so we start with the freshest ingredients and use locally sourced ones whenever possible. Our success comes from helping you have an amazing wedding venue, party, or corporate event.

The catering 360 Spaces options we have are sure to meet your needs and desires. We offer grilling, broiling, barbecuing, carving, and more. Catering 360 Spaces, we can do brunch, buffet-style, themed buffets, or a full-service elegant plated dinner. We can also offer cocktail parties that are complete with amazing hors d’oeuvres and delectable desserts. Choose from carving stations, seafood lovers options, fondue, seasonal dishes, butterfly cuts, broiled or blackened fish, and so much more. From a full BBQ buffet to a Hawaiian luau to lamb lollipops and vegetarian options, we have something to please every palate!

360 Spaces

360 Spaces
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