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59 NW 36th St, Miami, FL 33127

Miami offers a wide variety of event spaces for your corporate events, weddings, parties, and celebrations. If you are looking for a luxury event space to hold your special event, then you will certainly want to check out LMNT Studio. The event space at LMNT Studio is for those looking for an upscale, elegant, and beautiful location to celebrate their event, party, wedding, or special day.

The LMNT Studio wedding venue and event space offers plenty of room and the ability for you to turn it into your own special place. Located in the heart of Miami, LMNT Studio event space is elegant and spacious, with the ability to accommodate up to 3,000 people. The LMNT Studio event space in Miami can be used for all types of events, including private parties, photo shoots, corporate events, birthday parties, and as a wedding venue.

The floor plan at LMNT Studio can be arranged to suit your needs. The grounds offer a covered patio, bistro, galleria, outdoor garden, and plenty of charm and space for your guests to enjoy themselves. Luxury and upscale is the theme at the LMNT Studio wedding venue and corporate events space. An LMNT Studio wedding or special event will be a party that everyone will remember.

Catering LMNT Studio, we at Miami Grill Catering can help you every step of the way. We understand the beautiful and elegant touches you want in every aspect of your LMNT Studio wedding or corporate events. We will make it our mission to match the upscale surroundings and provide your guests with uplifting foods that will please the palate. Some of the catering LMNT Studio things you may consider for your wedding venue or corporate events include:

  • Whether you would like a themed elegant buffet or a plated-style dinner. Both can be done in an upscale manner, making it a matter of whichever you prefer for your guests. We are expert caterers and can happily do both.

  • Our professional chef and staff work hard to ensure that your event will be stress free and delicious.

  • The option to choose foods from our popular catering menu, which includes South Florida cuisine, or to let us meet your unique dining requirements. We can ensure that everyone at your event loves the food, including every meat eater and vegetarian.

  • Some of the foods you may want to include, that have been popular at other LMNT Studio wedding and corporate events are lamb lollipops, churrasco skewers, duck spring rolls, chicken satay, and bacon-wrapped lobster ravioli.

  • In addition to a full service catering menu for your dinners, we can providebrunch, finger foods for cocktail parties, unique hors d’oeuvres, and more.

Catering LMNT Studio is a pleasure for us, as is helping you with your wedding venue and corporate events. We have a 5-star reputation for serving up some of the best foods in Miami!

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