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Rubell Family Collection

95 NW 29th St, Miami, FL 33127

Located in the popular Wynwood Design District, the Rubell Family Collection offers a beautiful canvas for a wedding venue, party, special event, or for corporate events. The art collection, which used to be stored away in a warehouse, adorns the walls, giving this Miami event space a special ambiance.

The Rubell Family Collection event space is ideal for corporate events and has been used by some large companies for that purpose. Its unique space could also be used for special events, celebrations, community events, and even as a unique wedding venue. With 45,000 square feet of space, you can choose how big or small of an event space will work for your Rubell Family Collection wedding venue or corporate events.

Having both indoor and outdoor spaces and plenty of artwork for your guests to view, the Rubell Family Collection event space also offers an outdoor area. Able to accommodate up to 600 guests, the Rubell Family Collection wedding venue and corporate events space will work for most size wedding parties, cocktail parties, and corporate events.

The Rubell Family Collection event space offers an elegant and contemporary backdrop for your event. You can match that with the type of food that will work best for your party and will please those on your guest list. Catering Rubell Family Collection is something we at Miami Grill Catering are proud to offer. We have earned a 5-star reputation from providing excellent catering services for the entire Wynwood area.

Some of the catering Rubell Family Collection options to consider include:

  • How casual or elegant you would like your Rubell Family Collection wedding or corporate events? You can opt for a laid-back event that offers cocktails and amazing hors d’oeuvres, or you can choose to have an elegant plated-style dinner.

  • Determine what type of food you would like to have at your event. We can have something for everyone on your list, including the meat lovers and vegetarians. We can go as traditional and fun as a full BBQ or Hawaiian luau or as elegant and contemporary as Caprese skewers and lamb lollipops.

  • Catering Rubell Family Collection, we have a full catering menu you can choosefrom, or we are happy to work with you to create a menu that is as unique as your event.

The Rubell Family Collection event space offers a beautiful place to hold your corporate events, parties, celebrations, photo shoots, and wedding venue. Miami Grill Catering can help take that event space and make it an extra special night. Our professional chefs are experts at using their culinary skills to create the best in gastronomy. From grilling and braising, and from blackening and carving, we can provide you with the best catering in the Miami area!

Rubell Family Collection

Rubell Family Collection
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