Wynwood Blank Canvas Project

46 NW 36th St Suite #3, Miami, FL. 33127

The Wynwood neighborhood of Miami has long been noted as the key arts area of the city, and if you want a Wynwood event space or a Wynwood wedding venue, you have many unique options. Perhaps one of the most unique among them all is the lovely Wynwood Blank Canvas. Designed and serving as a platform for some of the newest artists in the region, as well as internationally, it is a remarkable space.

As a Wynwood event space or Wynwood wedding venue the Wynwood Blank Canvas offers more than 3k square feet of interior space in addition to another 4k square feet of outdoor space. With the expansive walls emptied for each rental, it can literally serve as your "blank canvas" on which to create your own theme, design and décor. White walls, high, and well-lit ceilings and a series of open spaces make it perfect for casual events.

Though it is not a comprehensive Wynwood event space or Wynwood wedding venue because it is without a licensed kitchen, it is a facility that is easily catered and has more than enough space to accommodate any sort of cooking requirements. There is also more than enough parking around the premises and nearby. Smaller than many other venues, the Wynwood Blank Canvas is one of the most creative alternatives for those who want to host their event in what is easily the heart of the city's art scene.

If you want to convert a large space into another world for your special event or wedding, and you are looking for the ultimate blank canvas in which to do so, this is a great option. It has that unique atmosphere that only a gallery can provide and it will make for a great intimate event or gathering.

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Wynwood Blank Canvas Project